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3 short steps to start saving RAM

Learn how to free up your computers RAM by following these simple steps. Chrome using less memory means you can open more programs like Photoshop or Final Cut Pro with improved performance.

Getting started

How to get started with Supatabs in three simple steps:

1. Add the Supatabs extension

First you will add the Supatabs Chrome extension to your browser. You can add it for free by clicking this link.

2. Save your open tabs to Supatabs

Once added, you click the Supatabs extension icon. Now tap any of the buttons to collect tabs left, all, or right from the active tab.

3. View your tab groups in Supatabs

Supatabs automatically opens after saving. If you want to re-open any of the tabs, just click them! Type anything in the search bar up top to filter the list.

Advanced features

Supatabs aims to make switching through tabs as easy as possible. Here are some features to make your life a little easier:

Reorder your tabs and groups with drag and drop

Once you have saved a few tabs and groups, you might want to reorder them. Just drag and drop them to reorder.

Swap through your browser sessions with one click

You can reopen all tabs with the click of a button. Save open tabs to an existing group, or swap a saved group with open tabs.

Share multiple links in your group

You can share multiple tabs by clicking on the share icon of the group. Simply selected which tabs you want to share.


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